“It is such a delight to have friends coming from afar.” All the staff of Global-Longsheng and I sincerely welcome your presence. Today, we meet on the Internet, and by virtue of such virtual platform of friendship, I believe that you will cooperate with us to initiate the better future of life and career.

Ten years hard working molds a sword. Global-Longsheng has went through more than 20 years since its establishment in 1993.By adhering to the operation concept of“dedicate and struggle, forging ahead, dare-to-be-first, never-say-die", the staff of Global-Longsheng have always forged ahead with determination and made efforts to conduct innovation, so that the small company only having several employees can develop to the current modern enterprise with the scale of hundreds of billions, and the best solution provider famous in China of circulating water cooling, researcher and developer and manufacturer of products and technologies related to cooling tower, and potential global supply chain of cooling tower products. For years, we have been low-key and quiet diligenceon operating our own enterprises all the time, based on the trust and entrustment of friends, we have become an influential company in the industry. We deeply appreciate the all the leaders and authorities caring and supporting our company, appreciate the new and regular customers and friends trusting and supporting us and appreciate all the colleagues having the common ideal and progressing all the way! What Global-Longsheng have achieved just depends on your support an great kindness. All the achievements achieved are previous success, and all the staff of Global-Longsheng will restart based on the higher platform. We will continue to focus on the industrial operation, conscientiously operate the enterprise with the attitude of being responsible for the customers, staff and board, consolidate the corporate core advantages, continuously strengthen the technical innovation, create the products of higher quality, create our own brand and channel and pay back to the investors and feed back to the society with the excellent operation performance!

Looking back on the past, we are delighted at the eventful years; looking forward to the future, we are excited at the bright prospect. The staff of Global-Longsheng will successfully accomplish their mission, make efforts to pursue the harmonious development of the society, enterprise and individuals and make mutual improvement "by mobilizing brand new endeavors” !

Chairman of Board: Liu Jianqing